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Travel Tips Tulum

Planning a vacation? Maybe a dive vacation? Thinking of going to Tulum to explore the cenotes? Then keep reading... Here are some tips on what to do and what to see on your days off.

If you are looking for activities for your days off between dive days, or maybe your travel partner isn't a diver and needs recommendations of what to do in Tulum then look no further because here comes a list:

The beach

When in Tulum, the beach is the obvious choice for a day activity. The white sand, the stunning turquoise water, shady palms, and beachside restaurants offer the best location for a day out... a day full of relaxation, sun, sand, and sea.

Tulum Beach


Tulum as the rest of Mexico is steeped in history... Aztec, Mayan, Spanish Conquest, War of Independence, Revolution, Tlatelolco massacre, earthquakes, Benito Juarez, Miguel Hidalgo, Santa Anna, Grito de Dolores, and El Alamo just to mention a few. Around the Yucatan Peninsula you will find several archeological sites from the Mayan civilisation. The Tulum Ruins are located about 4 km north of the center of town. They are well worth a visit. Beautifully situated on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, this "walled-city" is a great introduction to Mayan history. Coba, Chichen Itza, and Uxmal are other interesting archeological sites on the peninsula.

Pyramid at Chichen Itza

Sian Ka'an

Established as a Biosphere Reserve in 1986 and a UNESCO world heritage site the following year. It is one of Mexico's largest protected areas and the home to thousands of animals and flowers. In Mayan Sian Ka'an means something along the lines of "origin of the sky", "where heaven is born", or "gate of heaven". Several local tour operators offer a variety of tours to the biosphere to this unique place of natural wonder and fascinating biodiversity.

Punta Laguna Nature Reserve

Visit the Otoch Ma'ax yetel Kooh natural protected area known as the home of the spider monkey and the puma. Biologists have been studying the monkeys here since 1994. Not only can you see monkeys and other animals but the park also offers a lot of fun activities such as kayaking, ziplining, and you can rappel into the beautiful cenote Las Calaveras.

The park practices responsible tourism so come and enjoy a walk in the jungle with stunning flora and fauna - a walk that supports the local Mayan communities.

Spider monkey in Punta Laguna

Street art

Another great day out in Tulum is a day of walking around the streets of downtown. Tulum has so many talented artists who have decorated buildings all round town with their art. Whether it be of local personalities or of surrealistic motifs it is well worth a visit and the best part is that you can combine your art walk with visits to local street food vendors to try the local cuisine.

Calavera mural

Other activities

Above are five fun activities to fill your days in Tulum but the list goes on. So much to see and do. What about yoga, a cooking class, dance class e.g. salsa lessons, pole dancing, bike tour, kite surfing, free diving, fishing, temazcal, and many, many more options to be explored in Tulum.

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