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Regs, gauges, and compass - equipment for scuba diving

Refresher Program


Bit out of practice? Refresh your skills at Casa Cenote. Then go for a cavern dive at Cenote Carwash

4-6 hours


$150USD 1 dive

$220USD 2 dives


Transport to & from the cenote

Entrance fee

Full equipment rental

Drinking water and lunch


Diver Certification required

Turtle in cenote in Tulum


To start your scuba diving adventure today 

Satisfaction delivered

"If you’re looking for an operator with knowledge, flexibility, and personability, look no further! Diving with Marc & Hannah was one of the best diving trips thus far - essentially a personally tailored couple days where they provided excellent guiding in and out of the water. Thanks again for the good times Marc & Hannah."

Dan C.

"Amazing diving today with Marc in cenotes Los Dos Ojos! Marc was super professional and friendly, I highly recommend to dive with him ! Thanks again."

Zoe L.

"Marc was incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly. We had an absolutely amazing day exploring the cenotes. I can't recommend him enough."

A. Gerrod

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Refresher Program - Need to know

If you are already a certified diver but haven't been diving for a while and think you would benefit from a short refresher session before going on a cavern dive this is the SDI Inactive Diver/Refresher program for you. It starts with theory to see what you might have forgotten, we spend a short while to remediate, and then we will go to the water at Casa Cenote. Here we will start with putting the equipment together and re-familiarising ourselves with how it all works. Finally, before jumping in the water, we will go over the skills we are going to practice once we get in the water. The skills are as follows:


Preparing equipment

Buddy Check

Clearing your mask

Recovering and clearing your regulator

How to read your air gauge

Sharing air with another diver

Buoyancy Control

Formations in a cenote in Tulum
Two divers floating on the surface after an ocean dive

After these skills have been done at about 1.5 metres, we will continue our dive to 8 metres. We will be going through mangroves, seeing fresh and seawater life, and experiencing halocline which is where the two types of water meet - a very cool phenomenon that not many divers get to see. The option of going underneath the mangroves and into some swim-throughs is available. This will hopefully get you ready and confident for the next dive at Cenote Carwash. This will be a cavern dive and one of the most popular in all of the Tulum area.

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Casa Cenote

Casa Cenote

Chac Mool

Chac Mool

Dos Ojos

Dos Ojos



Dream Gate

Dream Gate



The Pit

The Pit

Sidemount diver in cenote
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