This cenote located about 20 minutes from Tulum is part of the whole Dos Ojos system is a lot of peoples favourite simply because it has it all. Amazing light effects, halocline, stalactites, sulphur cloud and it has the biggest cavern zone in the area enabling recreational dives to 40 metres and technical much deeper. The dive starts in fresh water, but at around 12 metres you pass through a "halocline" which is where the freshwater and seawater meet, creating a unique special effect. Continue down to around 28 metres you will see a sulphur cloud, which is made from the decomposition of the leaves that fall in from the surrounding jungle.This dive is perfect  to learn to dive with NITROX or if already certified, extend your bottom time.

The price this dive with 1 other dive at Dos Ojos is $170.  

This dive coupled with 2 other dives at Dos Ojos is $185 USD.

It includes:

Transport to the cenote and entrance fee, full equipment rental, drinking water and lunch.

Cenote El Pit