Cenote Angelita

Meaning "Little Angel" in Spanish,  Angelita is situated towards the south of Tulum.

It´s a sink hole in the true sense of the word with the dive done in open water. But it´s deeper than most of the other cenotes in the area. This dive has what´s called a sulphur cloud at around 28-30 metres. What happens is leaves from the surrounding jungle fall into the water and when they start to go rotten, they produce a gas, sulphur. Because there is very little flow in this cenote, the gas forms a cloud that looks like it's the floor. It's possible to descend through this cloud into perfectly clear water underneath.

This dive is perfect for divers who already have their Advanced Open Water certification.

If you don´t already have this certification, don´t worry you can earn it on this dive and become certified for the future. All that is needed is some study beforehand and some brief skills on the dive.

The extra cost for this is $25 USD


Angelita is the perfect place to either learn to dive with NITROX or if already certified, to benefit from the extended bottom time it will give you.


The price for already certified Deep Adventure Divers is $170 USD if done as a 2 tank trip or $195 if done as a 3 tank trip with Calavera and Car Wash.

It includes:

Full equipment hire, transportation to and from the cenotes from Tulum, entrance fees, lunch and drinking water.