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Ready to start Dive Training in the Overhead Environment?

Maybe you have done a bunch of cenote dives and really fell in love with the caverns. Maybe you have seen pictures and really like the look of what the caves of Tulum have to offer. Or maybe you are an experienced diver looking for the next adventure? Whatever your level, there is a course for you!

Cave diving Tulum - Sidemount Diver in Cenote

The cenotes situated around Tulum, Mexico offer excellent cavern and cave diving opportunities from fun dives and initial training to exploration of previously unmapped virgin passageways.

Warm water (25c or 77F), very little flow, generally shallow depths, and year round diving make Tulum an ideal place for a diving holiday.

Scenario 1

You are a relatively experienced diver and have done some cenote/cavern dives before and fell in love with the environment:

In this case we would recommend starting with the TDI Sidemount Course. This course will teach you to use two sidemounted tanks proficiently and will act as a foundation for all proceeding overhead training. Next step would be the TDI Cavern and Intro to Cave. Here you will learn how to follow a guideline, lay a guideline, gas management, and various emergency scenarios; first within the sunlight zone then beyond in the cave.

Before starting the next and final level of overhead dive training, we recommend a period of time to dive and master the new skills that you have just learnt at this level to gain experience before continuing your training with the TDI Full Cave Course.

Cave Diving Tulum - Stop sign in Cave/Cenote

Scenario 2

Already certified in either sidemount or backmounted doubles:

Then let's get straight to it...

First day would be a check-out day to make sure skills are up to standard and equipment setup is fit for the overhead environment... We will go through: sharing gas, valve drills, buoyancy, trim, and propulsion techniques including back finning and frog kicking. Now we are ready to start the TDI Cavern and Intro to Cave. The course will run over approximately 5 days of training, improving already known skills and learning new ones to safely dive beyond the sunlight zone, using 1/6th of your gas, following 1 continual guide line with no restrictions, no decompression, or navigational decisions.

"Train hard...Dive easy" – Unknown

Scenario 3

Never been diving in the Tulum area or any caverns in general:

Come and join us for some guided cavern/cenote dives. We have dive sites for all levels of divers; from freshly certified Open Water Divers to dive professionals .

Cave Diving Tulum - Limestone passage in Tulum cenote


Q. Do I need to bring my own equipment or is rental equipment available?

A. Rental equipment is available during the course but owning your own equipment is highly recommended especially for diving after the course.

Q. Will all the training be done at the same place?

A. No, we will visit numerous sites to give you experience of different conditions, different cave layouts, procedures, etc.

Q. How are the days spent and how long are they?

A. That depends on the kind of diving you are doing... A day of cenote dives will typically be from 9am till 3pm, diving in two different cenotes with a lunch break in between. If you are doing a course, your day will be a bit longer. The days are made up of a mix of classroom sessions, land drills and in water practice. A typical day would be from 8.30am until 5.30pm

We look forward to hearing from you and sharing our passion of the scared Mayan underworld with you.


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