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Cave diver training TDI Tulum

Intro to Cave Diver Training


Continue your cave training; leaving the sunlight zone and going into the cave

3-4 days


$250USD per day


Transport to & from the cenote

Full equipment rental

Drinking water and lunch

TDI Diver Certification card


Advanced Open Water Diver Certification required

Proficient in either sidemount and/or backmount

Stop sign in cave - Tulum cave diving


To start your adventure in a cave today

Satisfaction delivered

"If you’re looking for an operator with knowledge, flexibility, and personability, look no further! Diving with Marc & Hannah was one of the best diving trips thus far - essentially a personally tailored couple days where they provided excellent guiding in and out of the water. Thanks again for the good times Marc & Hannah."

Dan C.

"Amazing diving today with Marc in cenotes Los Dos Ojos! Marc was super professional and friendly, I highly recommend to dive with him ! Thanks again."

Zoe L.

"Marc was incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly. We had an absolutely amazing day exploring the cenotes. I can't recommend him enough."

A. Gerrod

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Intro to Cave Diver Training - Need to know

The TDI Intro to Cave Training is the second stage of the training to become a Full Cave Diver. This course takes you from the cavern zone into the cave, leaving the sunlight behind. 

Are you ready to leave the light and head into the darkness? 

We will be building directly upon the theory and techniques that you learnt in your TDI Cavern Diver Training.

This course is an introduction to the basic principles of cave diving utilising a single primary guideline. Protocols will be taught for connecting to a cave line, having a lost diver, and a lost line. You will progress in your cave diving abilities, you will learn new skills, and you will become competent to safely dive in a cave. 

The duration of this course depends on your performance and progress but generally takes 3-4 days.

Experience the magic of cave diving in Tulum

Cave diving in cenote around Tulum
Sidemount cave diver training around Tulum
Cave diving in cenote around Tulum
Sidemount setup ready for cave dive
Cave diving entrance near Puerto Aventuras
Air dome in cenote near Tulum
Stunning formation in cenote near Tulum
Stalagmites and stalactites in cenote near Tulum
Sidemount diver in cenote
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