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Case Cenote Tulum SDI TDI

Casa Cenote


1 shallow dive + 1 dive at


5-6 hours




Transport to & from the cenote

Entrance fee

Full equipment rental

Drinking water and lunch


Open Water Diver Certification required

Cenote Diver Tulum SDI TDI

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"Marc was incredibly knowledgeable and very friendly. We had an absolutely amazing day exploring the cenotes. I can't recommend him enough."

A. Gerrod

Need to know

Located 10 minutes from Tulum this beautiful cenote is situated very close to the ocean and connected by a 100metre cave passage. In fact, this cenote is the gateway for hundreds of kilometres of underground rivers that flow into the ocean.

Casa Cenote provides a really unique dive for experienced divers and beginners alike. There is a sandy patch in very shallow water where new divers learn their skills during training sessions . The cenote has a vast open water zone with many places for the experienced diver to explore swim-throughs and underneath the mangroves that line this cenote. 

Mostly freshwater but with the tide coming in and out saltwater is also often found on the bottom of the cenote. The two different types of water do not mix and they create what's known as a halocline. A phenomenon not to be missed.

Due to the two different types of water here and the close proximity to the ocean we see a big array of wildlife; hundreds of small schooling fish, moray eels, crabs, and even the occasional caiman.

​This dive can be combined with any other dive due to its shallow depth.

Cenote Dive Tulum SDI TDI
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