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Cenote Diving Tulum

Cenote Diving With Green Divers Tulum

Here at Green Divers Tulum, we specialise in tailor-made scuba diving tours and courses.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced technical diver, we have the dives or courses to suit your needs. Having worked in the dive industry for over 14 years all over the world; among others in Thailand, Indonesia, Fiji, Costa Rica and now for over 13 years in Tulum, Mexico. Green Diving Tulum offers a unique and professional diving experience, for learners and experienced divers alike.


We want to offer you as a diver a unique experience here around Tulum, which is one of the world's top spots for cave and cavern scuba diving.

Personalised Cenote Tours and Courses

Our groups are a maximum of 4 people per tour or course. This adds to the enjoyment of the whole experience and benefits student divers by allowing your instructor to give you all the attention that you need to become proficient in the skills within whatever course you are undertaking. Or for the experienced divers, to experience the best cenote dives in Tulum. 

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