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Choose your Green Diver path here:

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Are you interested in the magical underwater world? 

Are you a recreational single tank diver looking to dive the cenotes?

Or do you want to learn to scuba dive, want to get your Advanced Open Water certification or maybe you want to try scuba diving for the first time?

Whether you are a novice or an experienced diver looking for a truly unique experience, we have got the right dive for you.

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Are you already a Cave Diver?

Do you want to dive the caves in and around Tulum? Or maybe you are interested in becoming a cave diver? A sidemount diver or what about learning decompression diving?

We offer a wide variety of TDI training and guided cave and tech dives.


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Your cenote adventure begins here!

Dive in the largest fresh water system in the world - a truly unique experience!

To dive the cenotes as a recreational diver, you just need your Open Water certification. Enjoy amazing stalactites, stalagmites, marine fossils, and beautiful colours in this impressive underwater world.

Earn your diver's certification

All our scuba diving courses are taught by experienced and highly qualified SDI/TDI instructors. We want to ensure that you get more than just the minimum requirements to pass your course. We want you to become the best diver, you can be!

"Train Hard... Dive Easy"

Discover Scuba Dive at Casa Cenote

1 day

Scuba gear for Open Water Dives

3 days

Sidemount diver in cenote
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