Refresher Dive Programme

If you're already a certified diver but haven't been diving for a while and think you would benefit from a short refresh session before taking a cavern dive, this is the program for you.

It starts with some theory to see what you have forgotten, take a short while to remediate, then we will go to the water,Casa Cenote. Here we will start with putting the equipment together and how it all works, then we will explain the skills we are going to practice once we get in the water, they will be:


Preparing equipment

Buddy Check

Clearing your mask

Recovering and clearing your regulator

How to read your air gauge

Sharing air with another diver

Buoyancy Control

After these skills have been done at about 1.5metres we will continue on for a dive, the maximum depth will be 8 metres.

On this dive we will be going through mangroves seeing fresh and seawater life and where the two types of water meet it creates a halocline, a very cool phenomenon that not many divers get to see.

After 10 or 15 minutes and if your feeling comfortable we have the option of going underneath the mangroves and into some swim throughs.

This will hopefully get you ready and confident for the next dive at Cenote Car Wash

This will be a cavern dive and one of the most popular in all of the Tulum area.


The cost of this program is $150 it includes:

Full equipment rental for both of the dives

Lunch and drinking water

Transportation and entrance fees to the dive sites.