How should you choose your diving instructor????

With the benefits of todays technology for communication, finding the right instructor for what ever

scuba course you want to do has never been easier. The days are gone when divers just walked around a town, picked a shop they liked the look of based on how freshly painted it looked, then just walk in and hand your money over. More recently it has developed into which shop replies to your email quickest...

One thing to help you find the right instructor is to be prepared.

Weeks or even months before you plan to take your course, its a good idea to email the dive centres

in the area you have chosen to do the course.

Ask them questions about the logistics of the course, how much time spent in the class room,

confined water and open water.

Now the most important component, the actual instructor.

For beginner courses, the foundation of a divers education, this can be very important.

How much experience do they have?, not just in teaching, but diving in general.

You may be surprised how little experience the minimum actually is.

100 scuba dives and have passed their own beginner course at least 6months ago.

Really enough experience to teach brand new divers? Is this the best option for you?

Then throw into the mix that maybe you want to do your Advanced Open Water or

even Rescue course a really new Instructor with this minimal experience in the industry

might not be the best option.

Now for divers moving into technical diving, maybe deep, cave or new configurations as

in Sidemount diving or Twinset (doubletanks) finding an Instructor that is diving the chosen configuration regularly rather than just during the course.

Again dont be shy with asking the Instructor questions about the course and their own diving and experience.

Get in touch if your are interested in learning to dive, improve your skills or move into technical diving.

WhatsApp +52 9842401329

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