Enriched Air Nitrox Scuba Diving Course

Want to stay deep underwater for longer, feel less tired after a series of dives or require shorter surface intervals??

This course will enable you to have all this.  How?

By changing the amount of nitrogen in the air we breath from our tank, we reduce the % of nitrogen and increase the % of oxygen.

You will learn how to analyze what's in your tank, calculate what your maximum depth will be and find out your new extended bottom time.

This is a one day course and runs perfectly in conjunction with deeper dives to The Pit or Angelita to really emphasise the benefits of using nitrox.

The cost of this course is: $110 USD on top of any other dive trips you do. For example if you dive at The Pit and Dos Ojos,it will be $185+$110=$295

It includes your own manual to keep

Padi Certification card

Nitrox fills in your tanks for the dives you do that day

Scuba nitrox training