Cenote Chac Mool

Cenote Chac Mool is situated near to Puerto Aventuras about a 25 minute drive from Tulum. This dive starts in Cenote Kulkulkan and  is very famous for its amazing light effects, stunning halocline and giant formations. The first dive of the day is done ideally at around 11am to take full advantage of the angle of the sun coming into the overhanging ceiling and creating a light show not seen anywhere else. This makes for a perfect first ever cenote dive. After lunch the second dive starts in Cenote Little Brother and takes us to a spectacular air dome then onto Cenote Chac Mool. Freshwater turtles are expected to be seen on these dives.

Both dives have a maximum depth of 15 metres.

The price for these dives is 170 USD

It includes:

Transportation from Tulum to the cenotes

Full equipment rental

Entrance fees

Lunch and drinking water.

inside Chac Mool cenote
Cenote chac Mool