Cenote Calavera

This cenote is situated close to the centre of Tulum and is pretty unique in the fact that the dive is conducted in both fresh and saltwater. The dive starts with a 3 metre jump into the water, then a decent in the freshwater to a depth of around 12 metres where you will find the seawater. Because these waters are of different densities that don't mix together, they cause a phenomenon known as a halocline. As you pass from one type of water to another, you will feel some differences in the water temperature, your buoyancy and the ability to see in focus. An experience not to be missed. Maximum depth 15 metres.


This dive is usually coupled with Cenote Car Wash and costs $150 for the two dives. It is suitable for beginners and experienced divers alike.

Included is: 

Transportation from Tulum to the cenote and back

The entrance fee

Snacks and drinking water

Full equipment rental

Cenote Calavera